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   Photographer born in Madrid in 1973 with more than 15 years of experience, collaborating with several newspapers and magazines, teaching fashion photography workshops in academies and universities.

   My focus is on people, I´m interested in portrait photography, fashion and artistic nude, these issues become the focus of my carrea.

   When I press the shutter of my camera I have in mind that that instant in time will freeze so that others can enjoy it. To achieve capturing the image I have in mind is the challenge that drives me to each shot of photo shoot.

   Before each session I explore locations and photograph them without imagining the scenes model that could reconcile with each location. I am looking for a balance in the composition in which the edge plays an important role not becoming dominant on the model, for me this is the key to a great image. Consequently, I love taking the model not just a photo shoot, but an adventure. The primary basis of my images are emotionscaptured in an atmosphere sometimes disturbing.

   I like working with models who share my creativity and style to make the final result becomes visually attractive, and to reflect the value of their contribution in the development of dynamic images. Each model has something to offer, and capture it worthsthat ...


  For me photography is a way of life, the art of seeing not only the outer beauty of people, if not look at them much more deeply as I show my feelings through my lens, discovering new forms, techniques and possibilities to develop this passion growing, wishing to learn something new every day.



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