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A lense: through which we see struggle; to which we relate. A thirst: for knowledge and understanding; a relationship built upon different mutualities. A home: to base ourselves, to explore more and appreciate greatly. Nathan Sulecki chases a sense of communication through natural photography of beauty, pain, and the secret stories hidden in us all. Currently, Nathan is exploring the human milieu through four in depth series: Drown With Me, Gems of Erie, Love Hate Need, and Self Portraits. Spanning through the purest elements of water and human affinities to the dissection of love and it's painted road of fallacies, these series challenge Nathan to expose what it is and isn’t to be human. Nathan’s works have been recognized in international journals, as well as major galleries; having been published in Volo and Inspades magazine, and showcases in the Erie Art Museum and Glass Growers Gallery. He also partners with the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund by donating pieces and proceeds to the cause.

Nathan currently resides in Erie, Pennsylvania so that he may build a communal foundation for the arts and a truer appreciation for the city by the lake.



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