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I had no intention of being a photographer.  I had been in the military, stationed overseas in a place with cheap prices for gadgets in the military store, and very little else in the area to spend money on.  So I bought a good SLR camera and some lenses, with no idea how to use them, or what I wanted to do with them.

A year later the use became clear.  My new wife wanted pretty pictures done of her, and wanted me to take them.  I didn’t know how to do that, but had one great advantage:  neither my wife nor I had any idea what a “good picture” looked like.  So we shot and declared it good. Well, pretty good.  Maybe we could make it a little better with some lights, and a better backdrop?  Or another lens?

In retrospect, those first pictures were awful. Tragically bad.  But not knowing that had been a boon, and in time we began to learn what quality photos looked like, and I learned how to produce them.  By the time of my divorce I had begun a career as a commercial and sports photographer, and in short order had hundreds of publications to my credit. 

Time moves on, and I moved on, this time to take over a New York City modeling agency, where, unsurprisingly, I specialized in modeling and fashion photography as a free service to my models.  For the last ten years I have been retired as a professional photographer, and now shoot happily as an amateur, doing whatever pleases me.



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