Stephen Wong

I’m from Sydney, Australia, where I work as a professional photographer.To me, photographing the nude figure, is an expression of purity, energy and innocence, stripped of artificial constructs like culture, authority, and class. Nudity is not obscene or shameful or vulgar or embarrassing or immoral. It’s simply a state of undress. Nudity is natural, beautiful and empowering, and I want to capture that in my images.

Model: Lillias Right
Models: Denisa Strakova and Gwendolyn Jane (Nymph)
Model: Lily
Model: Stephanie Dubois
Stephen Wong(P) - Denisa Strakova(M)-01.jpg
Stephen Wong(P) - Ivory Flame(M).jpg
Model: Taliah Campbell
Stephen Wong(P) - Taliah Campbell(M)-05.jpg
Stephen Wong(P) - Anne Duffy(M)-01.jpg
Mirror, mirror
Lensculture-02dressed in black.jpg
01 Stephen Wong(P) - Zoë West(M).jpg
Stephen Wong - Art Nude Photographer.jpg

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