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my name is yasmeena, a persian name symbolising love, sensuality, femininity and simplicity and that is what my work represents and personifies. i was born in war-torn afghanistan during the taliban regime and i came to the u.k at the age of 9 as a refugee. 

this is my story, a spiritual and physical odyssey. 

my journey to modelling started with self-portraiture, it was challenging yet liberating, fun, and enriching. 

i love to create, explore, and experience. i live in the moment, and i enjoy my work because i am doing something i love.  

i have been a full-time freelance professional model since 2015. my work has taken me to many different countries and cultures and opened many opportunities and has helped me to evolve and continues to do so. 

i am currently based in bratislava, slovakia but spend a lot of time traveling to new and exciting places, and working with people from all walks of life. 

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P: http://www.davidcohen.photography


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